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Fisher Irrigation Training

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This course provides detailed explanations of the principles of Hydraulics, the driving force of an irrigation system. Next, will be a step by step procedure for designing an efficient, water conserving irrigation system, given the available water supply and pressure.


Course Description
HYDRAULICS covers the fundamental principles of how pressure is created, loss of pressure and the regulation of pressure in an irrigation system.

Pressure Sources
Static Pressure vs Dynamic Presure
Use of Pressure Loss tables
How to calculate Design Pressure using the ISGLLA Chart
Prevention of Water Hammer
Effects of elevation change
Water Conservation with Pressure Regulation

DESIGN explains in detail a step by step procedure for designing and preparing a plan for any irrigation system that guarantees conservation of water and protection of the public water supply.

How to Develop an accurate plot plan for design purposes
Selection and layout of sprinkler heads
Zoning and pipe sizing
Finished drawing
Irrigator’s responsibility to the end user

Learn to create an irrigation plan.


Before purchasing this online course, please review the following TCEQ rules on CEU Training.

You must have a valid Texas Irrigator License, a valid Texas Irrigation Technician License, or a Texas Irrigation Inspector License.

To receive proper TCEQ CEU credit of (8) hours for this course you must navigate through each slide, pass a quiz at the end of each module with a passing score of 70 or better. You will be unable to go to the next module until you have passed the current module

If you don’t have a Texas Irrigator License, a Texas Irrigation Technician License, or a Texas Irrigation Inspector License, you can still complete the course and receive a Certificate of Completion from Fisher Irrigation Training.

CEU credit for this course cannot be repeated during the same 3 year renewable period. It can be repeated for credit in future renewable periods.

Computer Requirements:

Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF Format) and a printer are recommended to complete this course. The course system is compatible with most modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge and is compatible in both Windows and Mac OS platforms.

If you have any questions, concerns or issues with the material presented in this course or if you have any technical difficulties in using the system please email and include as much detail about your issue as you can.