2017 Licensed Irrigator
Examination Schedule
Jan-Dec  2017
Note: Online application must be received 6-8 weeks prior to exam to allow time for TCEQ to
process the application in time for applicant to attend an approved course.

Jan-Dec  2017

Jan 13       Mesquite                                         July 27    San Antonio

Jan 19       Riverside                                         Aug 11     Mesquite

Jan 24      San Antonio                                   Aug 23     Cypress

Feb 3       Mesquite                                          Sept 8       Mesquite

Feb 15     Cypress                                             Sept 21    San Antonio

Mar 3       Mesquite                                          Oct    5      Riverside

Mar 23    San Antonio                                    Oct 19      Lubbock

Apr 7        Mesquite                                          Oct 25      Cypress

Apr 13     Lubbock                                             Nov  3      Mesquite

Apr 19    Cypress                                               Nov 16    San Antonio

Apr 27    El  Paso                                                Dec  1      Mesquite

May 5     Mesquite                                            Dec  7      El  Paso

May 18   San Antonio                                     Dec 13     Cypress

June 1    Riverside

June 8    Mesquite

June 21    Cypress

July 14    Mesquite


Note: This schedule is subject to change without notice

Check with TEEX at 1-800-723-3811 for firm dates

The Landscape Irrigator Exam is an 8 hr exam administered by TEEX on behalf of TCEQ


Application Procedures: Applicants intending to test at the completion of a training class must submit an application and pay $111 online 6-8 weeks prior to the start of the training course to allow enough time for TCEQ to process the application and issue an approval letter to sit for the exam.

  • A completed online application – must have Social Security number or Tax ID
  •  Includes Background check
  •  Application Fee  $111 includes application, original exam and up to 3 exam retakes over a one year period  ( credit card no. & expiration date.)  No company checks or personal checks.

For exam applications go to    www.tceq.texas.gov/licensing/eapp

or call 1-512-239-6133