2020 Licensed Irrigator
Examination Schedule
Jan-Dec  2020
Note:  Complete the 40 hr course first, then apply online to TCEQ at www.tceq.texas.gov/licensing/olea  for approval to take the Irrigator Exam.  The application  includes information for a criminal background check. Allow 2-3 weeks to get the application approved.

Jan – Dec  2020

Jan 11: Mesquite              May 16: San Antonio 

Jan 24: San Antonio        May 30: Bryan                      Nov 6: Mesquite

Feb 1: Mesquite                June 5: Mesquite                Nov 12: San Antonio

Feb 15: Cypress                June 19: Cypress                Dec 3: El Paso

Mar 1: Mesquite              July 10: Mesquite               Dec 4: Mesquite

Mar 22: San Antonio    July 23: San Antonio          Dec 18: Cypress

Mar 28: Bryan                  Aug 7: Mesquite

Apr 5: Mesquite              Aug 21: Cypress

Apr 11: Lubbock              Sept 4: Mesquite

April 18: El Paso              Sept 17: San Antonio

April 26: Cypress            Oct 1: Bryan

                                           Oct 2: Cypress

May 3: Mesquite             Oct 8: Lubbock

Note: This schedule is subject to change without notice

Check with TEEX at 1-800-723-3811 for firm dates

The Landscape Irrigator Exam is an 8 hr exam administered by TEEX on behalf of TCEQ


Application Procedures: Applicants for the Irrigator Exam must first take an approved 40 hr training class. Then submit the application for the Exam online with certificate of completion and credit card payment of $111.  TCEQ will process the application and issue an approval or rejection letter with in 2 to 3 weeks. Go to   www.tceq.texas.gov/licensing/olea or call 512-239-6133 for questions.

  • A completed online application – must have Social Security number or Tax ID
  •  Includes Background check
  •  Application Fee  is $111 for the license paid when you apply online
  • Copy of the Certificate of Training issued at the completion of the 40 hr course must accompany the online application
  • Register with TEEX for the Exam

Exam fee is $120 paid online www.teex.org, enter www.951 in the search window.