Landscape Irrigator Licensing Course

Landscape Irrigator Licensing Course  • TCEQ Approved      $525            

An excellent way to prepare for the Texas Irrigator Exam...and for after the exam.                

Prepay 7 days in advance to guarantee a seat.

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Course Outline

I. Irrigation Overview 2 hrs
  • Definition of Irrigation
  • Methods of Irrigation
  • History of Irrigation
  • Terminology/definitions
  • About the Exam
II. Irrigation Equipment 1.5 hrs
  • Types of Sprinklers
  • Types of Systems
  • Controllers
  • Electric Valves
  • Hydraulic Valves
  • Remote Sensors – Moisture & Freeze Protection
  • Pumps
  • Source Water & Filtration
III. Cross Connection Control 1.5 hrs
  • Video
  • Definition/types
  • Backflow prevention equipment
  • 50 questions & answers
  • Quiz
IV. Piping & Hydraulics 5.0 hrs
  • Terminology
  • Types
  • OD – ID – Wall Thickness
  • Pressure and Pressure Losses
  • Effects of Elevation on pressure
  • Measurement of pressure
  • Pressure loss charts
  • How to calculate pressure losses
  • Water Hammer/effects/prevention
V. Sprinkler Performance 2 hrs
  • Distribution, uniformity, efficiency
  • Effects of wind & pressure
  • Nozzle performance
  • Head spacing
  • Precipitation Rate
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Soil-water-plant relationships
  • Effects of excess pressure
VI. Developing Plot Plan 1 hr
  • The Design Process
  • Drafting Equipment/CAD
  • Data Required
  • Measuring Techniques
  • Scale drawing based on Field Measurements
VII. Head Layout 2.5 hrs
  • Head/nozzle Selection
  • Triangular vs Square Spacing
  • Borders, Curves, Sidewalks, Fences, etc.
  • Drafting Techniques
  • Produce a scale drawing
  • Spray vs Rotary Layout
  • Head layout from a given plot plan
VIII. Zoning & Pipe Sizing 6.5 hrs
  • Determine flow requirement
  • Flow Velocity
  • Estimated Design Flow per zone
  • Selection of Components
  • Pressure Loss Calculations
  • Velocity Charts to Determine Pipe Size
  • Routing & Sizing pipe
  • Drafting the final design
  • Irrigation Design Procedure
    13 steps to follow 
  • Looped Mains
  • Rotary Systems
  • Design a System on a scaled plot plan
IX. Electrical .5 hrs
  • Controller Installation
  • Valve Wiring/splicing
  • Wire Sizing
X. Micro Irrigation 1.5 hrs
  • Components of a drip system
  • Emission Devices
  • Pipe and Fittings
  • Flow Rates
  • Pipe sizing
  • Basic Design Principles
XI. The Law in Texas 2 hrs
  • Statutes, Rules and Regulations
  • Licensing & License Renewal
  • Enforcement
  • Irrigator Advisory Council
  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • Local Codes/ State Codes
  • Minimum Standards – design & installation
  • Backflow Prevention Methods
XII. Designs in Class 14 hrs
Student required to do 3 designs in the classroom

Total Classroom Hours            40 hrs

Landscape Irrigator Licensing Course -2016 Schedule
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2016 Class Schedule

Apr. 18-22   8:30 to 5:00
Fisher Irrigation Classroom
14150 Trinity Blvd. Suite 600
Fort Worth, TX 76155
817-475-4178 cell

May 16-20     8:30 to 5:00
Fisher Irrigation Classroom
14150 Trinity Blvd. Suite 600
Fort Worth, TX 76155
817-475-4178 cell

June 6-10    8:30 to 5:00
Fisher Irrigation Classroom
14150 Trinity Blvd. Suite 600
Fort Worth, TX 76155
817-475-4178 cell

July 18-22    8:30 to 5:00
Fisher Irrigation Classroom
14150 Trinity Blvd. Suite 600
Fort Worth, TX 76155
817-475-4178 cell

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Student Testimonials

"Mr Fisher, I was successful on my state exam with 100 in three categories and a 92 in the fourth. Your many years in the industry really show your teaching abilities. You really make irrigation simple and easy to inderstand. Also, you really care about your students and answered all of my questions even after the course was complete. Thank you for your help and I look forward to attending the other classes you offer."
...........Shawn McGonagill, Lawn Works

"Mr. Fisher......Your complete and detailed instruction was right on the money to help me understand the exam questions and solve the problems........your experience with actual installation and design is even more evident now that I am applying your techniques in the design of my projects. I would highly recommend your course to anyone interested in getting an irrigator license"   

..........Herman Thompson, ASLA
          Herman Thompson + Associates
          Dallas, TX

"Mr. Fisher, I just wanted you to know that you did a very good job 
keeping the class interesting and more importantly preparing us for
the exam. Everything that was on the exam was covered in class and I felt very prepared for the test and passed without any worries."
          ............Matt Davis, College Fund Landscaping, Plano, TX

"Ben... just a note to let you know that Jose Ruiz and myself both
passed on the first try. Jose averaged around an 88 and I averaged
93.5. I received a 100 in backflow. Thank you for all your help and
I will stay in touch." 
......Arnie Van Duzee, Director of Irrigation, Niebur Golf, Inc.

"Mr. Fisher..... I would like to thank you for all the information that
you provided in your class. You were very informative and kept things
interesting. John and I would recommend you in a minute to anyone
wanting to prepare for the irrigation licensing exam." 

....Dawn Ahrens, McKinney, TX

"Ben, just wanted you to know I was very pleased with your class and you gave us all the information needed to pass the exam. I can tell that you are very knowledgeable of this industry and I will share your name with anyone that is looking to get licensed."
Kyle Bass
BELT Construction, Inc., Texarkana, TX


















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